Exposed Aggregate Concrete Driveway

Exposed aggregate concrete driveway gives a look almost like a granite or marble that is transformed by polishing. A plain surface is stripped to expose its underlying beauty. In concrete beauty is in the form of decorative aggregates that are either natural or manufactured.

An exposed aggregate is obtained by removing the outer skin of cement paste. This exposes the decorative coarse aggregate beneath it.

Exposing aggregates is an old process which has been since 1900s. Before the patterns and decorations became trendy.

Exposed aggregate concrete driveway is a decorative style of concrete. They look appealing after the finishing. They expose the small stones that are smooth textured and are part of the concrete.

The surface once finished provides a visual interest with random patterns and colors. It is attractive, non slip and low maintenance driveway. They can be placed in any place of your choice.

Process of Exposing the Aggregate

The method of exposure depends on the desired look and size of project. Generally thumb rule is used where the surface mortar is removed to a depth of one third diameter of the aggregate particle.

1. Brushing and Washing

This does not require any special tool or chemical application. Just water is sprayed and the surface is scrubbed with broom. This is continued till the desired depth is reached. This can only be done in a small area as it takes time.

2. Surface retarder

It is a chemical that is sprayed just after the slab is placed and finished. This helps in delaying to set and hence allows to remove the cement paste upto a day. They can be removed either by scrubbing or washing with pressure washer. They are suitable for large sites during summer.

3. Abrasive Blasting

This can be done after the concrete is set and hardened. It is done by sandblasting or shotblasting. They may fracture the aggregate and hence make them look dull. This method is not preferred for preserving the shape and color of aggregates.


  • Exposed aggregate concrete driveway are durable
  • Exposed aggregate concrete driveway are available in reasonable cost.
  • Exposed aggregate concrete driveway are skid resistant.
  • They are ideal for flat walks like sidewalks, driveways, patios, pool decks, plazas etc.
  • The procedures are simple to be learnt and mastered.
  • They can withstand harsh weather conditions. Many sizes and types of decorative aggregates are available.
  • Exposed aggregates contrasts with plain concrete, stamping, stenciling etc.
  • They require very little maintenance. 

Note: Looks great concrete provides exposed aggregate concrete driveways by applying a decorative concrete coating over your existing driveway. For more information contact Andrew